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Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger has a problem. He feels trapped by his town of brown and gray houses. He chafes at wearing his top hat and starched collar. He is bored by proper tea-time manners. He wants something more. He wants… to go wild.

Mr. Tiger

In Peter Brown’s new picture book, Mr. Tiger’s journey of self-discovery comes to life with clever illustrations and text as humorous as it is minimal. The bold silhouettes and flat, almost woodblock-like art is reminiscent of Jon Klassen’s work in books such as I Want My Hat Back and Extra Yarn (written by Mac Barnett), but Brown’s playful compositions and keen eye for color make it far from derivative. Mr. Tiger’s bright orange pops against the drab earth tones of his environments, as if struggling to break loose and splash all over the page; together with his extremely droll facial expressions, it lends the character a great sense of liveliness, even when he’s stuffed into his conservative Victorian suit. With a positive message about being yourself, and more than one image so hilarious that even the most joyless grownup would find it difficult to not burst out laughing, Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is one of the best read-aloud books of the year.

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