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Great Snowy Books

I love snow, and winter is my favorite season. So to celebrate the wonderful frozen water that falls from the sky, I’ve gathered some great snowy books.

1. The Snowy DayEzra Jack Keats

When the little boy wakes up, the world is covered in snow. This story follows his adventures while playing outside and trying to avoid the big kids’ snowball fights.


2. The Long WinterLaura Ingalls Wilder

I read this series over and over as a child, especially this one.

The Ingalls’ town is hit with a blizzard, and, even though it is fun in the beginning, the snow, which reaches the rooftops, has cut off the train. People are running out of food quickly. Will someone figure out a way to save the town?


3. The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeC. S. Lewis

Narnia is stuck in winter, having not seen summer for many many years. But when Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund discover the wintery land in the wardrobe, the snow begins to melt.

Follow the Pevensies’ adventures in Narnia!


4. Curious George in the Snow– Margaret & H. A. Rey

 Join Curious George for a hot beverage before he rockets down the snowy mountain! Curious George reaches the bottom of the mountain safely, but not without causing a ruckus along the way.


What are some of your favorite snowy books?


Sam is the book buyer for the iconic World’s Only Curious George Store. After earning her master’s degree in Children’s Literature from Simmons College, she decided to travel the world, searching for Hufflelumps, Diagon Alley, Cair Paravel, silver slippers, and Neverland, before settling in Curious George’s house to read books all day. 


New Year, New George!

With the new year under way, I’d like to show you some new books and toys that will be available now and in the near future.

First up, we have two new Curious George books. In saves-penniesCurious George Saves His Pennies, George sees a train he wants to buy in the window of a toy store. He decides that he is going to save his money to buy it, not realizing how long and hard it will be to save. Once he finally saves enough, George heads to the toy store, only to lose his piggy bank on the way!  How will it end? Come on by to find out! The book also comes with a  punch out bank that can be used to teach your kids about money.


In Curious George Makes Maple Syrup, George runs out of syrup on pancake day! Where is he going to find more? With the help of his friends, George learns how sap from a maple tree is turned into his favorite breakfast topping. Your kids will love learning the process with their friend, Curious George!


mystery george

Just in time for Graduation Season, this 8″ Curious George stuffed animal makes a perfect gift for graduates of all ages. Graduation George will be released in March, but you can reserve yours today!

Our final new addition to our line of Curious George products is also from Gund. He should be arriving shortly but until he does, can you guess what is special about him? Take your guess in the comments section and then click on the mystery photo to see him and order yours!

January 25th is NOT Opposite Day!

(psst, it totally is.)

For every up, there is a down, for every square, there is a round, for every high, there is a low, and for every to there is a fro!

To celebrate Opposite Day, here are some of my favorite opposites books for children of all ages!

Opposites Concept Books

Opposites!A great way to help your little bitty ones learn about words and concepts is with these great opposites books. For the classic Curious George fan, Curious George’s Opposites is perfect. If super heroes like the Flash are more your speed, you’ll love the heroes and villains in Super Heroes Opposites. If you know someone who is crazy for the classics, Babylit’s Sense and Sensibility Opposites Primer is perfect to introduce little ones to classic literature and the concept of opposites!

Red Cat Blue Cat by Jenni Desmond

Red Cat and Blue Cat are complete opposites, and their differences often RedCatBluCat-1lead to bared teeth, flying claws, and hissing! But when they learn to work together and learn from each other, they find out that their differences are what make them the perfect team, as well as individually special.



Say Hello to Zorro by Carter Goodrich

Carter Goodrich is one of my favorite author/illustrators, and his character design for Disney Pixar is nothing short of awesome. I absolutely love his books about Mr. Bud and Zorro, especially this first one. When Mr. Bud is forced to welcome Zorro into his life, he hesitates to want to share and change his beloved schedule, and his space! The new little guy poses an annoyance at first, but as they get to know each other, they find that sharing isn’t the worst thing when you’re sharing with a friend.

If you love all of these opposites suggestions, please join us for the

Opposite Day Story Time and Activity on January 31st at 10:30 am

In celebration of January 25th NOT being Opposite Day, we will NOT be reading books about opposites. Sometimes, someone who is completely different from you in every way can turn out to be your best friend! We will be reading some of the Elephant and Piggie books, Red Cat Blue Cat, Say Hello to Zorro, and Strega Nona Meets Her Match.

Stick around to color pages of opposites, and even make your own opposites flash cards!

I hope to see you there!


Felisia, Your Friendly Neighborhood Events Coordinator

New Books to Think About!

Wondering what new books are out there? Trying to find a new book for the kid who’s read everything?  Well, here are few great reads (one newly released in paperback) that might be perfect for you.

Lost Cat– C. Roger Mader

Embark on a journey with Slipper the cat as she searches for her humans. They accidentally left her behind during moving day, and, just when Slipper decides to look for other people to adopt, she finds a lovely surprise.


Old MIkamba Had a FarmRachel Isadora

This twist on the nursery song “Old McDonald” is beautiful and fun. You’ll have fun making these different animals sounds, because, instead of farm animals, Old Mikamba’s farm houses cheetahs, elephants and lions.

There, ThereSam McBratney

From the author of Guess How Much I Love You! While playing outside, Little Hansie Bear gets into all kinds of scrapes while walking like a duck and digging the deepest hole. But his father hugs Hansie and reminds him that everything will get better soon. And when Hansie’s dad steps on a thorn, Hansie knows just what to do.

– Catherine Rayner

Abigail the giraffe loves to count, but every time she tries, her friends unintentionally ruin her fun. But her friends find a way to help Abigail do what she loves and even join in.


Sidney, Stella and the Moon
– Emma Yarlett

Sidney and Stella cannot share, and fighting over a bouncy ball causes the moon to break into a million pieces. Can they settle their differences and find a new moon?


The Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root– Christopher Pennell

In this new book published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, someone is stealing the rats of Whistle Root in the dark of night, forcing them to substitute vegetables for musicians when they play their instruments. Carly is the only one who notices because she cannot sleep at night. Carly must fight the horrid griddlebeast to save the rats and the rest of Whistle Root Woods.


Treasure Hunters- James Patterson

Hunt treasure with the Kidd kids as they sail the seven seas in search of their lost parents. In this humorous story, the Kidds encounter pirates, treacherous storms, and befuddling mysteries, but each obstacle brings them closer to their parents and a treasure bigger than either of them can imagine.


Snow in Summer Jane Yolen

Now in paperback: a fairytale of Snow White turned upside down! Summer’s life was perfect, but that changes when her mother dies in childbirth. Her new step-mother, Stepmama, is terrible, and Summer isn’t sure that she can stop Stepmama from doing something truly horrible.


If you’ve read any of these books, what did you think? If not, which ones interest you?




Sam is the book buyer for the iconic World’s Only Curious George Store. After earning her master’s degree in Children’s Literature from Simmons College, she decided to travel the world, searching for Hufflelumps, Diagon Alley, Cair Paravel, silver slippers, and Neverland, before settling in Curious George’s house to read books all day. 

Introduce Your Toddler to the Classics!

The BabyLit board book series by Gibbs Smith is one of my favorite series that we carry for toddlers. Each book introduces your child to the classics through bright colors and concepts like opposites and counting. They’re also great for unique and adorable baby shower gifts.

Alice  Jane Eyre  Sherlock  Romeo Sense and Sensibility

Introduce your child to counting from 1 to 10 with themes and pictures from Jane EyrePride and Prejudice, and Romeo and Juliet. Help your toddler learn about colors, opposites, and weather with Alice in WonderlandWuthering HeightsSense & SensibilityMoby-Dick, and Sherlock Holmes.


We also carry interactive toys that make great creative learning gifts when paired with BabyLIt books. Magnetic Wooden Numbers by Melissa & Doug include math signs for counting and solving basic math problems. Read through Jane EyrePride and Prejudice, or Romeo and Juliet as your child uses the magnetic numbers to count!


Geometric StackerThe Geometric Stacker by  Melissa & Doug is a fun and simple way to begin teaching shapes and colors. Add Alice in Wonderland as a great gift for babies and toddlers interested in the colors and shapes around them. If your toddler loves to create and build instead, the Wooden ABC BlocksABC 123 Blocks by Melissa & Doug are a classic toy that help with building dexterity and learning how to count at the same time.

Fish bowlLet your baby explore the ocean with the My First Fishbowl by Tomy. The soft stuffed fish have bright colors and a variety of textures to help your child develop hand-eye coordination. Introduce your child to the ocean world with Moby-Dick as they play with the fishbowl!



Don’t Let the Day of the Ninja Sneak Up On You

Ninja Day LogoYou may be surprised to learn that December 5th is the International Day of the Ninja – in fact, the ninjas of the world would be disappointed if you weren’t. After all, these ancient Japanese warriors and spies have a reputation to uphold, and it doesn’t involve giving advance notice of when they’re about to strike from the shadows.

Although their strict adherence to the way of invisibility poses obvious problems for ninja public relations, the shinobi have devised many stealthy ways of raising public awareness of ninja issues. Ninja education is always lurking just out of sight, waiting to strike when least expected. They have even infiltrated the shelves of the World’s Only Curious George Store!

Ninja rules prohibit us from revealing specific ninja-related items above the cut

Bah, Humbug! Gifts to Cheer up Holiday Grumps

It’s holiday time again, and that means eggnog, Christmas carols, and mistletoe. But sometimes, all of that excitement can lead to holiday blues, or even (in the worst cases) a Scrooge in your midst.

December 21st is Humbug Day, so if you’ve got a Scrooge, a Grinch, or someone who’s just tired of hearing Christmas music, we’ve got some great options that will turn their frowns upside-down.


The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle

Sometimes all a holiday grouch needs is someone to be nice to them, and the Grouchy Ladybug is a perfect example of that. Why not partner the book with a perfect little Grouchy Ladybug finger puppet for a complete gift package.


Crankenstein” by Samantha Berger

This book is definitely relevant to me (and some of my coworkers, teehee). Sometimes things just aren’t going your way, and all there is to do is let out a good “ARGGH!” and to try to have a good sense of humor.

Jokelopedia” by Eva Blank

Where do snowmen and snowwomen go to dance? The Snowball! What’s the best way to chase the grumps away? An awesome joke! This book is so much fun and has given me some great material to share with my coworkers. Sure they may groan like Crankenstein when I tell them, but they’re always smiling when they do it.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

A humbug post wouldn’t be complete without this quintessential Christmas grouch. Every Grinch needs a Cindy-Lou Who to remind them that Christmas isn’t just about the bells and whistles of the holiday, it’s also about togetherness and love!


I hope that all of these recommendations serve to turn your Crankensteins, Grouches, and Grinches into Cuddlers, Grinners, and Princes. Happy Holidays!


Felisia, your friendly neighborhood events coordinator.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Book Sets!

The holidays are almost upon us. *cue dramatic music* I don’t know about you, but I haven’t even started shopping yet. So, I thought I’d talk about a few gift book sets, just to give you a few ideas.

The Harry Potter Box Set– J. K. Rowling

HP Set

This beautiful set is perfect for life-long fans or anyone who has never read the series. Each of the seven books features a new cover, courtesy of Kazu Kibuishi. Every one adds a new perspective for the books with vivid illustrations that depict scenes we’ve only ever imagined. Sure, you might have seen them in the movies, but Kibuishi’s illustrations capture the wonder of reading the books for the first time.

My favorite new cover is  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which depicts Harry, Hermione and Ron flying the Thestrals away from Hogwarts. Beautiful.

Also, when you put the books in order there is a wonderful scene of Hogwarts!

I enjoy everything about this set, and I think anyone you give it to will love it, too!


The Chronicles of Narnia– C. S. Lewis

I received this gift set for Christmas when I was younger, and I immediately fell in love with Narnia. I remember wishing I had a wardrobe, so that I could meet Mr. Tumnus, the fawn, and walk the halls of Cair Paravel with Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund.

David Wiesner illustrated these covers beautifully, setting the stage for C. S. Lewis’ magical words.

Transport someone to Narnia through this terrific book set!


Curious George Complete Adventures Deluxe Book and CD Gift Set– H. A. Rey and Margret Rey

This neat set contains both the written and audio versions of all the original Curious George stories by H.A. Rey and Margret Rey.

Each compact disc contains two of the stories, which you can listen to while you read along.

This is a great set that is perfect for family story time or individual quiet time. And the audio stories are wonderful for long car rides. Either way, this lovely set is a fantastic gift for Curious George fans, young and old.

Curious George’s Greatest Adventure

The Journey That Saved Curious GeorgeYou might know that Curious George has sailed on a ship from Africa, become a movie star, flown a kite, delivered newspapers, gone to the hospital for an operation, and even traveled to space as an astronaut. But did you know that he also escaped from Nazis during World War II? What makes this story even more amazing is that it was not written in a book — it happened in real life.

Cecily G and the 9 MonkeysIt was the year 1940, and Hans Augusto Rey was living with his wife, Margret, in Paris. They had moved there from Brazil in 1935, and in 1939 had published their first children’s book, Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys. One of the little monkeys featured in the book had proved so popular that the Reys decided to write more stories about him. However, war had broken out in Europe. The German army had invaded Poland the year before, and was now advancing into France. The Reys had both been born in Germany, but they were also Jewish — their lives would be in terrible danger if Paris fell to the Nazis. They fled on bicycles just hours before the first German forces entered the city; among the few possessions they took with them were the manuscript and illustrations for a new book starring Fifi the monkey.

After escaping from France, the Reys travelled through Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, until finally ending up in New York City. In 1941, the Houghton Mifflin Company published their new book. Fifi’s name had been changed to one Margret and H.A. Reymore familiar to Americans – the mischievous monkey was now known as Curious George, and even though his creators’ incredible journey was over, his own adventures were only beginning.

You can read more more about H.A. and Margret Rey’s remarkable life in The Journey that Saved Curious George, by Louise Drummond.

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Curious George


There is nothing quite like Thanksgiving in New England and The Curious George Store is thankful to be able to spend it here with your families in Harvard Square. To show our gratitude for a wonderful 2013 we’re offering a thankful story time, a new and improved loyalty program, discounts on selected Thanksgiving books, and a Pinterest board full of ideas and goodies to celebrate Thanksgiving.

            Friday, November 22nd – Thanksgiving Story time and Activity 10:30 am


happy-thanksgivingIt’s time for turkey, stuffing, and some fun Thanksgiving stories and activities! Join us today as we read stories about being thankful, even for the littlest things. Stick around after story time for fun coloring and activities. Please note, due to the impending holidays this is the last story time of 2013.

This story time is free and open to the public.


Be sure to pick up your copy of Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George while you’re here for story time.  As our book of the month we are offering this title at 20% off both in store AND online. In addition, we have oodles of other Thanksgiving titles in store at 20-25% off! Looking to save even more? Be sure to check out our new loyalty program!Tday 1

T day 3Tday 2

I’ve become addicted to Pinterest. I can’t help it.  For me, the best part, is that I get paid to make YOUR life easier! Where else can you go to find ideas on how to start a family tradition, how to set your table, and most importantly, crafts, games and activities to keep the family entertained while the turkey is cooking!?  Be sure to check out and follow our Thanksgiving board as I hack my way across the internet looking for time (and sanity) savers.

Lastly, I’m proud to announce that we will be closed on Thanksgiving and open normal business hours on Black Friday to ensure our staff gets to spend quality time with their loved ones. We wish you and yours the happiest of Thanksgiving holidays and look forward to seeing you in December!