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2014 Toy Fair

Toy Fair BannerOur buying team just returned from the 2014 Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York City and we have some exciting new toys coming our way that we wanted to share with you. Alicia Keys 1

Alicia Keys was the special guest for the opening of Toy Fair. Surrounded by the Power Rangers, she welcomed everyone and cut the ceremonial ribbon. Once the ribbon was cut, the crowd was set forth to see the newest and best toys from around the globe.

The sheer number of toy companies was overwhelming! We walked up and down aisle after aisle finding you fun, new toys for your families. In the coming weeks we’ll be receiving new items from Melissa & Doug, Gund, Safari, Apple Park, Areaware, and many more! We’ll also be bringing in some new companies! Be on the lookout for Hexbugs, Plan Toys, and many more!

Toy of the Year Winners

Begin Again TOTY We’ve been carrying Begin Again Toys in our store for a few months now and we think they are awesome. Their Animal Parade A to Z Floor Puzzle was one of our favorite items from them, and apparently others agreed because it was named Specialty Toy of the Year by The Toy Industry Association. We will be carrying this item again, along with many other items from Begin Again Toys. Goldie Blox TOTY

Winner of the Educational Toy of the Year, GoldieBlox, took the US by storm for fourth quarter 2013. The whole line of their products will be shipping to us soon. Each of their three designs comes with a story book that doubles as an instruction booklet to design an engineering experiment. Once you’ve completed the story, you can take apart your device and create new and original experiments.

Lisa Louisa New GeorgeWhen we arrived at the Gund Booth at Toy Fair, we were super excited to see three new Curious George stuffed animals that will be released this year. The first, you can get a sneak peek of to the right. Teach Me Curious George will be released in early March 2014. Complete with buttons, velcro, loops, and ties, George will teach your child basic motor functions. Unfortunately we were not able to take pictures of the other two Curious George items, but believe me… They are super cute and will definitely be on your little ones’ wish lists!

Jamie LegoJimmy LegoWhile Toy Fair was a work event, our team still managed to have some fun! We got to hang out with a giant Emmet (from The Lego Movie) made entirely of Lego bricks. He was over 6 feet tall! Jimmy and Jamie are both big fans of the movie and LEGO and couldn’t help but snap a few pictures with Emmet.

Louisa ZombieLouisa, our General Manager, zombie-fied herself at the Razor Scooter Booth.

Grumpy LisaLisa, our Operations Manager, found her spirit animal in Grumpy Cat at the Gund Booth.

Jimmy Bear

I became the World’s Softest teddy bear at the World’s Softest Booth.Jamie Snoopy

Jamie, our Owner and Buyer, got to meet Snoopy!

Keep an eye out for all of our new toys. Some items have already begun trickling in, so come by and check everything out!

New Year, New George!

With the new year under way, I’d like to show you some new books and toys that will be available now and in the near future.

First up, we have two new Curious George books. In saves-penniesCurious George Saves His Pennies, George sees a train he wants to buy in the window of a toy store. He decides that he is going to save his money to buy it, not realizing how long and hard it will be to save. Once he finally saves enough, George heads to the toy store, only to lose his piggy bank on the way!  How will it end? Come on by to find out! The book also comes with a  punch out bank that can be used to teach your kids about money.


In Curious George Makes Maple Syrup, George runs out of syrup on pancake day! Where is he going to find more? With the help of his friends, George learns how sap from a maple tree is turned into his favorite breakfast topping. Your kids will love learning the process with their friend, Curious George!


mystery george

Just in time for Graduation Season, this 8″ Curious George stuffed animal makes a perfect gift for graduates of all ages. Graduation George will be released in March, but you can reserve yours today!

Our final new addition to our line of Curious George products is also from Gund. He should be arriving shortly but until he does, can you guess what is special about him? Take your guess in the comments section and then click on the mystery photo to see him and order yours!

Don’t Lose Your Marbles

meteor marbles

Iridescent marbles much like these “Meteors” were the jewels of my 4th grade collection.

Back when I was in fourth grade, marbles were the consuming passion of all the kids in my class. We’d spend all of recess haggling over trades, sorting our collections, and showing off our coolest-looking aggies. We even found the time to play marbles with our marbles!

Times have changed a little since then, but kids (and even some grownups) all over the world are still playing with marbles. These simple glass balls are proof that a toy doesn’t have to “do” anything to be great—in fact, it’s often the case that the simpler the toy is, the more you can learn from it, and the more fun you can have using your imagination to come up with new games and experiments!


If Isaac Newton were an immortal vampire, he would have celebrated his 371st birthday on January 4th.

One of the best (and also dorkiest) things about marbles is that they’re a good way of learning about classical mechanics, the branch of physics that has to do with objects in motion.  In particular, they can be used to demonstrate Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion, the foundation for much of our understanding of how and why things move (or don’t, as the case may be).

The traditional game of marbles showcases all three laws of motion. Marbles tend to stay still unless something (like another marble) hits them; lighter marbles are easier to move than heavier ones (the reason “shooters” are bigger than regular marbles); and when two marbles collide, they bounce off each other with equal force (so when a shooter hits a regular marble, the little one goes flying while the shooter only slows down).

Quercetti Migoga marble run

I had one of these when I was a kid, too. I thought it was was pretty rad.

If you put your marbles through a marble run, you can see a demonstration of something else that Isaac Newton—among other famous smart guys, like Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein—was interested in: gravity. The force of Earth’s gravity is what causes the marble to go faster and faster as it rolls down the chutes and ramps.

Of course, you don’t have to be a scientist to have fun with marbles. Some people would rather learn about their history, or see how they are made; some (like my 4th-grade classmates) care most about winning against their friends; others just want to collect as many neat-looking and unique marbles as they can! As long as you are having fun and using your imagination, there is no limit to the fun you can have, even with something as simple as a bag of little glass spheres.

The World’s Only Curious George Store, located in Harvard Square, carries a selection of marbles, as well as many other children’s toys, games, and books.


Introduce Your Toddler to the Classics!

The BabyLit board book series by Gibbs Smith is one of my favorite series that we carry for toddlers. Each book introduces your child to the classics through bright colors and concepts like opposites and counting. They’re also great for unique and adorable baby shower gifts.

Alice  Jane Eyre  Sherlock  Romeo Sense and Sensibility

Introduce your child to counting from 1 to 10 with themes and pictures from Jane EyrePride and Prejudice, and Romeo and Juliet. Help your toddler learn about colors, opposites, and weather with Alice in WonderlandWuthering HeightsSense & SensibilityMoby-Dick, and Sherlock Holmes.


We also carry interactive toys that make great creative learning gifts when paired with BabyLIt books. Magnetic Wooden Numbers by Melissa & Doug include math signs for counting and solving basic math problems. Read through Jane EyrePride and Prejudice, or Romeo and Juliet as your child uses the magnetic numbers to count!


Geometric StackerThe Geometric Stacker by  Melissa & Doug is a fun and simple way to begin teaching shapes and colors. Add Alice in Wonderland as a great gift for babies and toddlers interested in the colors and shapes around them. If your toddler loves to create and build instead, the Wooden ABC BlocksABC 123 Blocks by Melissa & Doug are a classic toy that help with building dexterity and learning how to count at the same time.

Fish bowlLet your baby explore the ocean with the My First Fishbowl by Tomy. The soft stuffed fish have bright colors and a variety of textures to help your child develop hand-eye coordination. Introduce your child to the ocean world with Moby-Dick as they play with the fishbowl!



Don’t Let the Day of the Ninja Sneak Up On You

Ninja Day LogoYou may be surprised to learn that December 5th is the International Day of the Ninja – in fact, the ninjas of the world would be disappointed if you weren’t. After all, these ancient Japanese warriors and spies have a reputation to uphold, and it doesn’t involve giving advance notice of when they’re about to strike from the shadows.

Although their strict adherence to the way of invisibility poses obvious problems for ninja public relations, the shinobi have devised many stealthy ways of raising public awareness of ninja issues. Ninja education is always lurking just out of sight, waiting to strike when least expected. They have even infiltrated the shelves of the World’s Only Curious George Store!

Ninja rules prohibit us from revealing specific ninja-related items above the cut

Cozy Up with Jellycat Stuffed Animals!

Jellycat stuffed animals are here! New animals have arrived just in time for the holidays and cold winter nights. Jellycat has become my personal favorite go-to for stuffed animals. They pride themselves on their “quirky, original and innovative soft toys for all ages.” With their variety of cute and cuddly collections, they have something for everyone! One of my favorite collections that we carry is the Bashful series. You will be amazed at how soft they are! We currently have the small bashful penguin, lamb, yellow duckling, pink mouse, chocolate bunny, and honey bear.

Bashful Penguin    Bashful Chocolate Bunny    Bashful Yellow Duckling    Bashful Honey Bear

Our staff favorite is the bashful beige bunny, which we carry in medium (12″) and large (14″). We can’t get over how adorable this bunny is, and it’s so soft and cuddly that kids of all ages will love it.

Bashful Beige BunnyIn addition to a variety of stuffed animals, we carry Jellycat soft activity books. Jellycat Tails Books are great for babies, with stories that introduce them to animals and colors and tails they can feel.  Your child can explore farm animals or the jungle while developing sensory awareness.

Farm Tails

We carry many more cute and soft stuffed animals and books in addition to the collections I mentioned above. There are so many to choose from! Come visit the store or search our website to find which Jellycat animals and books are perfect for you and your kids!

GeekGift Extravaganza!

All of the staff of the Curious George Store have their own quirky tastes: Jimmy LOVES Legos, Jane is mad about Mad Men, Sam is drawn to Doctor Who, and I am crazy for comic books. We are all united under the simple fact that we are nerds and geeks.

Everyone knows someone whose tastes lend themselves to nerdy things, and we have tons of cool things to shower them in for the Holidays, whether they’re itty bitty, or just young at heart.

Star Wars!

My first crush at 6-years-old was Han Solo, so it’s obvious that I love Star Wars. Here are just a few of things we have that are popular to anyone, even from long long ago or galaxies far far away!


Star Wars Origami: comes with awesome tear out pagesin the back of the book with awesome designs to make your own characters and ships!


Thumb Doodles: Create illustrations of your favorite characters with just your fingers!

star wars lightsaber thumb wrestling

Light Saber Thumb Wrestling: It doesn’t matter if their Sith or Jedi, everyone will love this fun game!


A good friend of mine is a pharmaceutical chemist, and he absolutely loved the cool things we had to offer for his niece to “get her started young!”


Elemental Blocks: For the budding chemist on your holiday gift list, these elemental blocks are so so cool.


Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit: If you’re super into this awesome activity, try making rock candy out of crystallized sugar as well!


Volcano Kit: This tried and true science project is still a super cool way to learn about the acids and bases.


We were super excited to finally start stocking Legos last month! We have all manner of different cool collections, from Star Wars to Lord of The Rings, to DC and Marvel Super Heroes.



Best of all of these are the books that we have for creative minded kids, no matter what the age of the little one on your list.


Toddler books:


Super Hero Concept Books: These concept books will teach your little ones all they need to know about counting, opposites, and colors while showing some of the coolest characters in comic book history!


Sherlock Holmes Hound of the Baskervilles Sound Concept Book:

We all fell in love with the BabyLit book series, and this one is no exception. Teach your little ones about all kinds of sounds with this onomatopoetic concept book starring our favorite detective.

Picture Books:


“Rosie Revere Engineer” by Andrea Beaty: I love this book so much. Rosie is such a creative and empowering figure for little girls who like being creative. If you have a little one girl who prefers Legos to Tutus (or likes to play with her Legos in a tutu), this is the book for her.


“Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit” by Chris Van Dusen: Randy Riley loves baseball and science, and this book brings together both of those things with seamless humor, illustration, and awesomeness.

Books for Older Kids and the young at heart:


“Find the Constellations” and “The Stars” and by H.A. Rey: Many people don’t know that the creator of Curious George also wrote some really fantastic books about observing the night sky. These books are incredibly informative, but illustrated in a very sweet and easily understandable way by the same hands that brought our favorite Curious monkey to life.


“Darth Vader and Son” and “Vader’s Little Princess” by Jefferey Brown: Do you ever wonder what would have happened if Darth Vader had raised Luke and Leia? Jefferey Brown definitely answers those questions with this adorable series of one panel comic strips, replete with references to everyone’s favorite trilogy (yes, trilogy). While these comics were created definitely with children in mind, they are also a great laugh for any parent as well. I bought Darth Vader and Son for my brother who just had his first son, and he could not have laughed harder.

These are some of my absolute favorite items from our store! I really hope that this has given you some ideas for the holiday season and some great gift ideas for the person in your family who may be as geeky or nerdy as I am!

Signing off, I’ve been your friendly neighborhood Events Lady, Felisia 🙂 Happy nerding!

The New Curious George Stuffed Animal is Here!

I am excited to talk about the new Curious George Winter 2013 stuffed animal! This year George is all set for the cold winter weather! We all love George’s warm hat and scarf. He’s great for snuggling up with after a fun day in the snow! For a great holiday gift you can pair him with paperback stories like Curious George in the Snow, or Curious George Snow Day. Curious George in his sweater is also a great option for winter stories.

winter-george     12-sweater

In addition to the new Winter George, we have other stuffed animal versions of George that make great holiday gifts. Curious George in Pajamas is perfect for kids to listen to bedtime stories with. Complete with his own pajamas and blanket, Curious George’s Dream is a great add-on gift. We’re also very excited about the newest Curious George book, Curious George’s 5-Minute Stories! If you’re looking for more bedtime story options, this collection is a must-have for little Curious George fans. With thirteen stories total, you can go on adventures with George as he goes to the aquarium, goes fishing, and more!

16-pajama     5-minute-stories

If you’re looking for presents for winter birthdays, the Curious George Birthday stuffed animal can be paired with Curious George and the Birthday Surprise for a great gift.

14-birthday     birthday_surprise

You can find all of these fun gifts on our website, or stop into our store for other Curious George stories and stuffed animals!


They’re right around the corner…

The holidays. They are quickly approaching. We all have some distant family member with a small child who will be appearing for a visit and knowing what to get them can be overwhelming. Have no fear! I am going to show you some of the great tie-in items we carry for a couple modern classic children’s books.

Butterfly Finger Puppet

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been read to children for decades, and it is still just as popular today. If you are looking for something small to go with the book, Kids Preferred makes a line of finger puppets that go along with Carle’s various insect books.

Very Hungry CaterpillarIf you’re looking for a twist on the classic book, there is also a finger puppet book featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar!



This shirt by Out of Print is also a great add-on item. It’s 100% cotton and comes in sizes 2T, 4/5, 6/7, and 8.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Youth Tee


Olivia TeeOlivia is a great series for 3-5 year-old children. This series is fun to read and the illustrations are awesome. In the latest title in the series, Olivia and the Fairy PrincessesOlivia decides she doesn’t want to be a fairy princess like the rest of the girls in her class. But what can she become to be different? Any of the books in this series would be a great gift paired up with this Olivia doll. Out of Print also makes a t-shirt in youth sizes.

I hope this helps! We carry a whole line of storybook stuffed animals as well as other Out of Print t-shirts. Take a look for your favorite character and pair it with a book for a fun gift!

Poky Little PuppyHarry the Dirty DogLadybug GirlCorduroyPigeonPaddington Bear

 What classics do you buy when looking for gifts?

It’s a Cube, It’s a Robot, It’s Cubebot!

A fresh new twist on traditional wooden puzzles, this robot may be a cube, but he is too hip to be square. Available in three different styles and many colors, Cubebot is a fantastic toy and conversation piece for kids and grownups of all ages. If you want a puzzle, you can fold him back into a cube–but the best thing about Cubebot is the fun poses you can create with his articulated hardwood body.

Click here to see some of Cubebot’s best poses!