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National Poultry Day!!!!*

*no birds were eaten during the making of this post. 

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know, March 19th is National Poultry Day.  On this day, we celebrate all edible fowl, by eating them for every meal. While that is all well and good, I say let’s also celebrate the bird books. Though that date has passed, I thought I’d spend a little time recognizing these animals. So, in honor of National Poultry Day, I’m going to take a look at the books in which poultry will never be eaten, safe forever in the their illustrated pages.

That Is NOT a Good Idea!– Mo Willems

Let’s face it: Mo Willems is great at writing (and illustrating) stories with birds. And we sure are glad. That Is NOT a Good Idea! is yet another fantastic story (told as if it were a silent movie) about a duck who doesn’t realize that a wolf wants to have her for dinner. Literally! But the ducklings who are watching the events unfold know, and they keep trying to stop the duck from walking into the wolf’s trap. With an ending you won’t see coming, this book doesn’t disappoint with it’s humor and cleverness.

Interrupting Chicken– David Ezra Stein

This 2011 Caldecott Honor is the story of Papa who tries to read a bedtime story to his son, Chicken, but Chicken keeps interrupting. Finally, Chicken has interrupted all the stories, and Papa is about to give up. But Chicken pulls out a story of his own, and tells it to Papa. There are stories within a story, humor, and fairytales in this great picturebook. Really, what more could you ask for?


Caterina and the Perfect PartyErin Eitter Kono 

Caterina, a little brown bird, loves to make lists. Her current list is all about her perfect party. She’s sent out invitations to her friends, made food and decorations, but there is one thing she wasn’t counting on: a surprise rain shower! Now everything is ruined, but she can always count on her friends to make the clouds disappear. I love Caterina and her crazy organizational skills. Kono has beautifully written and illustrated this new picturebook that celebrates unwanted surprises.

So go out and celebrate all the birds! By not eating them. Well, maybe just for a day? They’ll really appreciate it, I’m sure.

Sam is the book buyer for the iconic World’s Only Curious George Store. After earning her master’s degree in Children’s Literature from Simmons College, she decided to travel the world, searching for Hufflelumps, Diagon Alley, Cair Paravel, silver slippers, and Neverland, before settling in Curious George’s house to read books all day. 

New Year, New George!

With the new year under way, I’d like to show you some new books and toys that will be available now and in the near future.

First up, we have two new Curious George books. In saves-penniesCurious George Saves His Pennies, George sees a train he wants to buy in the window of a toy store. He decides that he is going to save his money to buy it, not realizing how long and hard it will be to save. Once he finally saves enough, George heads to the toy store, only to lose his piggy bank on the way!  How will it end? Come on by to find out! The book also comes with a  punch out bank that can be used to teach your kids about money.


In Curious George Makes Maple Syrup, George runs out of syrup on pancake day! Where is he going to find more? With the help of his friends, George learns how sap from a maple tree is turned into his favorite breakfast topping. Your kids will love learning the process with their friend, Curious George!


mystery george

Just in time for Graduation Season, this 8″ Curious George stuffed animal makes a perfect gift for graduates of all ages. Graduation George will be released in March, but you can reserve yours today!

Our final new addition to our line of Curious George products is also from Gund. He should be arriving shortly but until he does, can you guess what is special about him? Take your guess in the comments section and then click on the mystery photo to see him and order yours!

Don’t Let the Day of the Ninja Sneak Up On You

Ninja Day LogoYou may be surprised to learn that December 5th is the International Day of the Ninja – in fact, the ninjas of the world would be disappointed if you weren’t. After all, these ancient Japanese warriors and spies have a reputation to uphold, and it doesn’t involve giving advance notice of when they’re about to strike from the shadows.

Although their strict adherence to the way of invisibility poses obvious problems for ninja public relations, the shinobi have devised many stealthy ways of raising public awareness of ninja issues. Ninja education is always lurking just out of sight, waiting to strike when least expected. They have even infiltrated the shelves of the World’s Only Curious George Store!

Ninja rules prohibit us from revealing specific ninja-related items above the cut

Big Wishes Gift Drive

Our holiday book and toy drive is on! We are so excited to be teaming up with Magic 106.7 and The Home for Little Wanderers on the Big Wishes Gift Drive. Last year we raised over $10,000 in books for Cradles to Crayons, and this year, with your help, we’re aiming to double that amount!

winter window

Come by the store and check out our window display. The snowman will fill up a little more with every donation!

On Sunday, December 8th, Magic 106.7 will be hosting a live broadcast from our store from 12pm-2pm. Come by to enter the raffle for some great prizes. If you donate a gift during the broadcast, you will save 30% off your total purchase*!

Curious George will even be making a special visit to thank everyone for their donations!

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*Excludes Lego Products. Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.

In Which All the Books Are Gone


This delightful picturebook written by Helen Docherty and illustrated by Thomas Docherty is a lovely narrative about the power of stories. 

The Snatchabook follows the woodland animals of Burrow Down as the creatures, young and old, read their bedtime books. But, oh no! The books are gone! That is just the beginning. Soon all the books in Burrow Down are missing, and no one knows why or how. Eliza Brown decides to investigate. She sets a trap and catches a Snatchabook!

What is a Snatchabook, you might ask? The Snatchabook is a creature who takes books because he has no one to read to him. He never wanted to steal, but he didn’t know what else to do. Eliza Brown helps the Snatchabook think up a plan. Like the Grinch does with all the toys he stole, the Snatchabook returns all the missing books. Eliza Brown tells everyone in Burrow Down about the little Snatchabook’s plight, and they make sure the Snatchabook is welcome to hear a story every night. 

If you haven’t encountered this book yet, I think you should. Right away. Like now. The song-like text is great for bedtime reading, while it promotes books and a love of reading. The text is fantastically complemented by the illustrations, which are whimsical, adorable, and, at times, funny.

I want a Snatchabook. Badly. He’d be in heaven with my numerous piles of books, and we’d read them late into the night. So if you see a Snatchabook, send him my way, will you? 

I love this book, and I think you will too! What do you guys think of The Snatchabook?

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