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Living in Gratitude

Over my 49 years, I’ve had to learn how to live in gratitude.  In the past, I could be and often was grateful for things, people, and opportunities that came into my life, but I wasn’t living in a state of sustained gratitude.

Owning The Curious George Store was one of the biggest reasons that I am now capable of living in gratitude.  Having never before owned a business, I had NO idea of what I was in for when I bought it. But some little voice relentlessly insisted that I had no choice: our friend Curious George was calling to me. And so, I did what any sane and reasonable person would (not) do in that situation: I closed my eyes and leapt, both feet forward.  Turns out, the little bugger was right.  The Store has brought so many gifts, learnings, and so much love and generosity of spirit into my life. It has been such a powerful force that even with the incredible difficulties, obstacles, and challenges I’ve faced in the past year and a half, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

For me, not knowing a thing about what I needed to know turned out to be the best place from which to start.  I had absolutely no choice but to rely on the help given to me in so many ways; incredibly smart, gifted and skilled people that DID know what they were doing, opportunities I had no clue were even out there, and support and love from countless people, yourselves included.

So, I’m sure you can imagine, all of this kicked my gratitude into high gear.  When you bear witness, as I have, to the amount and sheer force of love that I’ve been so lucky to see and receive, I imagine even the greatest of cynics wouldn’t be able to remain so: gratitude is such a bigger force and stronger place in which to live.

And now I find myself amid a pandemic, social/racial/cultural/economic injustice, political wars, fear and hatred. Yet, I remain happy. It’s not that I’m unaffected by it all – of course I am – I’m biracial, bipolar, and at the moment, have lost my business.  And yet, because of gratitude, I can and do remain happy.  Gratitude as opened a space within me that can only be filled with acceptance, grace, and joy.  It is all of you that are filling that space.

The auction was a huge reminder of why that gratitude space is so powerful to me.  The enthusiasm, energy, and love brought by each of you was nothing short of amazing.  The grace, patience, and support you all showed – sitting through technical difficulties and the time it took us to learn – was completely astounding.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you – whether you took part in the auction or just now randomly happened across a blog post about a girl, a monkey, a store, and gratitude – you, as individuals and collectively, make me so incredibly grateful to belong to and be supported by one of the strongest, kindest communities I’ve ever come across: The Curious George Community. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind  – the auction was just living proof – that every last person in our CG Community holds the same qualities I mentioned above: acceptance, grace, patience, energy, enthusiasm, and love.  And because you chose to share all of them with me, I am filled with unending gratitude and support.

So, to all my Curious friends, I say thank you.  Your support is the wind beneath my wings.  Let’s work together to build a space and place that can act as a launching pad: a place that is about all things Curious George – a space where we can teach our kids or anyone else who may need to feel the acceptance, joy, and love that the Curious George Community so readily provides.

Keep coming back – make your stake in the Curious George Community and help me build what’s to come.  Make sure to keep checking in – we’ll be offering opportunities to do just that in the very near future.  And please, keep showing your generosity and love, which makes me certain that through the obstacles and challenges waiting down the road, I will nevertheless remain safe and happy in gratitude.



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It’s The Final Countdown!!!!

Hi there Curious George friends!

Well, it’s set – we can officially begin the countdown.  The Curious George & Co. auction will begin at 12 p.m. EST on Wednesday.  For those of you curious-up-until-the-last-minute types, you will be able to preview all the auction items and information beginning Tuesday.

I also wanted to take a moment to answer the question many of you have asked: will we be opening in a new space?  At the moment, I’m sorry to say, the answer is kind of a non-answer.  While the pandemic short-circuited my planned opening of The Curious George Store leaving me no choice but to entirely close down the business, I hope to and am diligently working towards opening a new space someday.  And it’s here that you become part of the answer: the auction is the veeerrrrry beginning step towards realizing that dream.

Please help us spread the word – follow us, like us, share our social media and web pages – to help us keep marching forward. The more people know and are involved, the quicker and easier those steps will be to create the space we all want.  Thanks for your help – stay curious!

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Give Me Some Space!

I’ve been ruminating on the concept of space lately. The word has myriad possible meanings, permutations, feelings, aspects, you name it. There’s physical space, mental space, emotional space, celestial space, and the space that links our lives moment to moment – just to name a few that I’ve been pondering.
In my earlier post about the upcoming auction, I mentioned that the auction is meant to create space – a path forward in a new direction. And, indeed it is just that. But it is also so much more. To me, the auction represents an opportunity to clear and open mental space, emotional space, and the moment to moment space needed to together create, grow, and evolve Curious George & Co.
To that end, to those of you in The Curious George Community that have been excited, passionate, and patiently waiting for the chance to bring a piece of The Curious George Store and The Curious George Community into your own space, I send my deepest, greatest, and most heartfelt thank you. Thank you for giving and holding the space for me to make it all happen. Thank you for staying engaged and supportive. Thank you for showing and sharing your love of Curious George. We’ll be announcing the auction start date and time in the next 2 to 3 days so check back frequently and don’t forget to like us and/or share the info with others who may be interested!
In the meantime, here are a few more of the unique items that once occupied space in The Curious George Store and also, perhaps more importantly, take up space in the hearts of all of us who love all things Curious George, including our beloved The Curious George Store, may it RIP…