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Give Me Some Space!

I’ve been ruminating on the concept of space lately. The word has myriad possible meanings, permutations, feelings, aspects, you name it. There’s physical space, mental space, emotional space, celestial space, and the space that links our lives moment to moment – just to name a few that I’ve been pondering.
In my earlier post about the upcoming auction, I mentioned that the auction is meant to create space – a path forward in a new direction. And, indeed it is just that. But it is also so much more. To me, the auction represents an opportunity to clear and open mental space, emotional space, and the moment to moment space needed to together create, grow, and evolve Curious George & Co.
To that end, to those of you in The Curious George Community that have been excited, passionate, and patiently waiting for the chance to bring a piece of The Curious George Store and The Curious George Community into your own space, I send my deepest, greatest, and most heartfelt thank you. Thank you for giving and holding the space for me to make it all happen. Thank you for staying engaged and supportive. Thank you for showing and sharing your love of Curious George. We’ll be announcing the auction start date and time in the next 2 to 3 days so check back frequently and don’t forget to like us and/or share the info with others who may be interested!
In the meantime, here are a few more of the unique items that once occupied space in The Curious George Store and also, perhaps more importantly, take up space in the hearts of all of us who love all things Curious George, including our beloved The Curious George Store, may it RIP…

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