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Meet Natalie, The Curious George Store’s Assistant Manager

Growing up, my favorite place to escape was in the pages of my favorite books – whether it was curled up by the fire at my family’s cottage, listening to my mother read, or under the branches of our weeping cherry tree. I could always find excitement in the worlds of these stories. 

As a child of books, I spent a lot of time chasing the next big adventure, something that has carried me into adulthood and led me from Virginia to Boston all on my own. This wanderlust and love of books took me from bookstore job to bookstore job, until I finally decided on a career in publishing. After a short time of feeling disconnected from my happiness, I reevaluated my dreams and set my sights on life as a librarian. 

The commitment to community and the creation of a safe, educational space for kids is what drew me into into the idea of librarianship, and I have been given that opportunity with the Curious George Store. It means the world to me to get kids excited about reading and pumped to learn – everything about Curious George inspires that, and I couldn’t be happier to have found my place. 

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